Nov 21

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  1. Deb, Michigan Says:

    These Shoes Fixed My Problem – I LOVE THEM! An old bunion removal site started acting up years after the surgery, and I was experiencing pain in that area. It hurt so bad to walk, I started limping. I remember back when I had it removed, the foot doctor told me to be sure to wear comfortable, quality shoes with proper arch and heel support. So I stopped buying shoes in the $20 range; I think my most expensive pair was in the $60 range. I spent a day in a pair of boots that apparently didn’t fit the doctor’s recommendation, and my foot starting hurting; my $60 shoes weren’t helping. After reading the reviews for Dansko Cutter shoes and examining their construction and how they interact with feet, I decided to give these a try before resorting to going to the doctor. After a full day in them, my pain started to subside! After a couple of days, it was gone!! I have wide feet; the toe area felt a little snug at first, but they’re leather and are “stretching” to fit. Where my other shoes were bending at the toes as I walked, these do not; they rock with you. Ooooooh so comfortable! I ordered the Cabrio Brown Myla, and found their picture didn’t do them justice! They’re beautiful!! A gorgeous mixture of brown/black tones. They’re not as thin and sleek-looking as my other shoes, but the style is so cute!! I’ve worn them with dress pants, jeans, and a skirt with brown tights (very cute!). I’ve had compliments on them. And they definitely serve their purpose. I’ll be getting more Danskos as the budget permits; they’re worth every penny. I typically wear an 8.5 or 9, depending on the shoe; I found a nearby trade store that carries some Danskos. I didn’t care for the styles they had, but I tried on a few just to get my European size, which was 39, every time. So that’s what I ordered from Zappos. Perfect! One day, a nurse overheard me telling someone else how comfortable and supportive they are, and how they rock with your feet. She asked me if they were Danskos Cutter Shoes; she said she’ll wear nothing else.

  2. San Fransisco Says:

    I LOVE Danskos– they’re amazing, and I loved these shoes. They fit great, and I could walk for hours with plantar fasciitis and have no problems. However, after having the first pair for 2 weeks, the elasticized strap broke. I returned them, and got another pair. After 3 weeks, the elasticized strap broke AGAIN. I’m getting another pair of Danskos, without elastic. This shoe was immediately comfortable, once I got the buckles adjusted. I am a Dansko fan so I am used to how they fit (i.e., your heel comes out when you take a step). They look nice with a skirt or trousers, and I feel like I could walk in them all day. I love the crisscross straps!

  3. Northridge California Says:

    Cute but uncomfortable – I really like the way these shoes look! But, they feel like they are a size smaller than they are marked. I wear the same size in just about every shoe. I wore these for two weeks hoping that they would “break in” but they are leaving my feet sore and callused :( So perhaps if you just order a size larger than you would normally require.

  4. Sonya Says:

    Sonya’s Awesome Review of the Dansko Myla – This is the COOLEST “Little Gurl” BIG GURL shoe you can get and it’s ONLY available at ZAPPO’S! It’s ULTRA comfortable {slips RIGHT on and off ~ “LOOK MA! NO HANDS!”} and you feel like you’re walking on air, not to mention feeling eight years old again! Initially, I thought the price was high, but once I received them and wore them, I believe they’re worth every penny! These shoes will last a lifetime. You will WANT to take good care of them. I rate a ten out of ten for style, comfort and value! looks good, feels great – what more could you ask. The straps are attached with elastic, so you can easily slide the shoes on and off without rebuckling. Ordinarily I’m a big fan of Dansko’s stapled clogs, but lately (since breaking my heel last spring) I find their insole too firm. Dansko’s Lolita sandal with its more cushioned insole worked over the summer, and since Myla is also in the Golden Gate collection, I gave it a try. Success!

  5. Idaho Says:

    Favorites – These shoes are my favorite. I can wear them all day and I do not feel like I want to “rest” my feet by taking them off. The strap across the top of my one foot seemed a little tight the first time I wore them…but it stretched out just fine and was the only break in necessary. I have heel pain, and it is eliminated when I wear these shoes. I will shop at Zappos in the future. This is my new favorite shoe! It is so comfortable and it looks great. I ordered it in the olive color and it looks fine with a lot of different outfits. I can usually wear medium width shoes, but my feet are a little on the wide side of medium… these shoes gave me no problem with their width.

  6. Barbara Says:

    A totally comfortable shoe – A couldn’t be more pleased with the Myla from Dansko…although I am a Dansko fan their shoes aren’t always perfect…this one is…I bought them for a “casual” wedding that included a good deal of walking on trails and they were fantastic…I continued to use them for the rest of my sightseeing on sidewalk, sand, and mountain trail and my feet never felt better…the toe box is roomy which adds to the comfort but does make them look a bit bulky…I am the only one though that seems to feel that way given I got a lot of compliments on how cute they looked…I plan to get them in several colors…too bad they don’t come in blue!

  7. Busy, Los Altos Says:

    My FAVORITE Fall/Winter Shoes – After discovering the Dansko Lolita sandal this summer, and wearing one of my three pairs daily, I panicked at the thought of fall and winter… then I got the Myla. HEAVEN! Great on my flat feet, and my back feels great walking in them all day. I wore the same size as in the Lolita. The brown color is so dark it is almost black, so if you can only get one pair and can’t decide between black and brown, go for the brown, as it is more versatile. ;-) BONUS: These make even my big feet look positively SHORT and petite… Wahoo!! Cute with skirts and pants alike. Very Euro and cool shoes! Enjoy!

  8. Shannon Says:

    Pretty, but pretty clunky. I am a Dansko fanatic. I have 5 pair�s in different styles, and four of them have this footbed design. All of my Dansko�s are size 11, and I ordered this one in the same size. Yet, I have much more room between my heel and the back of this shoe than I normally do. Instead of slipping up and down, the back of the shoe flops up and down. The heavy weight in the heel doesn’t help either. Makes the shoe feel clunky and clumsy. That said it is a comfortable shoe on the foot to stand in. I’m returning for a 10 to see if it will fit as I would like.

  9. Savita, Berkeley Says:

    Comfortable, cute shoe, but requires a break-in period – This is a wonderful shoe, but my first impression was that it was too small. I could feel my toes being pinched and my first inclination was to send it back for a bigger size. However, I wore it again at home and it fit better the 2nd time around. I am on my feet all day and this shoe not only looks good, but it also provides excellent support and comfort.

  10. Jenny, Los Angeles Says:

    Quickly becoming a Dansko Cutter convert! This is my third pair of Danskos, and probably the most comfortable. I have really high arches and average to narrow feet. These fit like a dream. Great support and comfort. If you’re unfamiliar with Danskos, you should know that they are designed so that your heel slides up and down as you walk – and you may think the shoes are too big because of it, but that’s how they should be. I wear a size 10, but I always buy size 41 in Dansko, which I guess is more like a 10.5.

  11. Sacramento Says:

    Definitely worth the extra $$ These shoes are extremely cute, have great padding, so they are really comfy. I have only worn them one day and had already 3 compliments on them. Was a little worried about shelling out so much for shoes that are usually a dime a dozen (style-wise), but have absolutely no regrets! I�m a Dansko referrer…hee – I have 15 pairs of Dansko�s and I love to tell people about my Dansko�s! I just happened to find Myla on Zappos, I hadn’t seen this style anywhere before. I wore them this past week to work and had lots of attention about them. Am looking forward to more Myla colors. Blue would be my favorite if I could pick First I got size 10.5-11�was too big. Next I got size 9.5-10�was too small. Wondering why I did not get the one in between? Well they don�t make a size 10-10.5!!!!! That is ridiculous, such a cute shoe…but certain sizes eliminated…never heard such a thing…I regret to have to return this again…the arch is divine!!!! Runs narrow for sure! Too cute! These have got to be the cutest Danskos yet. They are very comfortable and easy to get in to due to the elastic at the edge of the straps, no need to open anything up. And they are more comfortable than I had hoped for in my wildest dreams. Thee sole at the back looks a bit thick but I like that style and it walks very nicely. Well done Dansko, lets get some more of these funky styles!!

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