Oct 05

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  1. USA Says:

    I’ve fallen deeply in love with Danskos – The professional clog was my introduction to a world of comfort that I’d been deprived of my whole life. Now all I will wear 99% of the time is Dansko clog styles(either the professional, the Marcelle or the Margrete) or Chacos in the summer. I used to go for cute over comfort, but on my feet 8+ hours a day, that philosophy doesn’t hold up long. Now I go for comfort and I learned to accept that comfortable supportive shoes make me feel sexier than painful shoes, so I don’t even care about the way my footwear looks anymore. That said, I don’t find Danskos “ugly” by any stretch of the imagination. And I swear once you try them you won’t go back.

  2. Louisville Says:

    Great Purchase – In the two weeks that I have had my Dansko�s, I have enjoyed them more than I thought I would! I have friends that have raved about the comfort of Dansko�s, and being a runner, I try to always wear shoes that are good for my feet. Dansko�s are comfortable, cute, and durable. They also have excellent arch support. I am already looking forward to purchasing my next pair!

  3. Boston Says:

    I’ve ordered several styles of Dansko shoes, boots and clogs recently, and these are the best for fit and looks. I’ve had to add extra arch supports and insoles to take up extra space in the instep, and it will take a while to break these in. Theses clogs will rate a 5 for comfort, once they are broken in.

  4. Fairfield County Says:

    Why buy Dansko�s? Because Dansko’s are the most comfortable, well-made shoe that there is. I bought a new pair this year even though my 15 year old pair is still going strong! Dansko sizing depends on the shoe, so you have to be prepared to try up to 3 different sizes to ensure the best fit. Yes, they stretch, but only to get wider; they won’t grow longer! So make sure your big toe placement is good. Your heel will rise out of shoe a bit as you walk, that is to be expected. No, it will not give you blisters, even if you wore them barefooted.

  5. Elaine Says:

    Podiatrist Recommended – My podiatrist recommended this shoe after I fractured my 2nd metatarsal. Great arch support and all-over foot support. I always travel with these shoes. They are easy on-and-off for security screenings, provide tons of cushioning for standing in lines and walking, and they are easy to maintain. Love them.

  6. Sutter California Says:

    Fantastic comfort – My new Dansko clogs have turned out to be so much better than what I expected! They are extremely comfortable & a shoe that is still comfortable at the end of the day. Normally when I arrive home from work, the first thing I do is kick my shoes off because my feet hurt, but not with these Dansko clogs! I had no idea that I would love them so much! The only concern I had was that I needed to order them a half size larger, other than that, I love them! I’m definitely going to purchase another pair!

  7. Phoenix, AZ Says:

    Love my Dansko�s and Zappos – I ordered the brown oiled Dansko�s on Saturday 12/16 and received them on the 18th!!! I love how the Dansko�s fit. Soo comfortable that I can’t even explain. I wear a 7 1/2 and 38 is the perfect size. They look great with jeans and pants. I will wear these for exploring new cities across Europe and avoid the American tourist wearing tennis shoes look.

  8. Rome, Georgia Says:

    I love, love, love this shoe. I needed a casual shoe to wear with jeans & purchased this to serve that purpose. However, I have been wearing them to work with dress pants & they look great (and feel great). I have high arches & the fit of these shoes works very well for me — the footbed conforms nicely after a few days.

  9. Pittsburgh, PA Says:

    Favorite clogs ever! These are the best clogs ever! It may take awhile to get used to the look, but the comfortable feel will more than make-up for it. I started wearing them just occasionally, now I own two pairs (black and brown) and wear them everyday! These are the only shoes I can honestly say you can wear all day long, walk forever, and never get tired feet. They stay so nice for so long. I’ve been wearing my black ones for 4 years and they still look new

  10. San Diego Says:

    Perfect! I thought these would be too big, because they are actually a half size bigger (a 39, which is a US 9) than what I usually wear. Once I became used to my heel sliding out, I am IN LOVE with these shoes! I am a teacher, but wear them constantly, everywhere.

  11. Seattle Says:

    Inconsistent in fit – Firstly, I love Zappos. This is my 2nd pair of Dansko. My first pair from Zappos fit perfectly (size 7.5=38). The second pair I ordered, the left foot ok, the right foot too loose. I returned the first pair and got the 2nd, which was the opposite–left foot too loose, right one ok. Unfortunately, I had already returned the 1st pair or I could have done a switcheroo. I contacted Zappos and they suggested that I reorder and if the fit wasn’t right, to request another pair. Well, I reordered and again the fitting was mismatched. However, this time, rather than reorder, I found a store nearby, explained the problem and they allowed me to try on some Danskos to find a good fit and allowed me to do a switch. They also said that the Dansko co. would honor the replacements to find the right fit. As these shoes are hand stapled the fit can be inconsistent. Throughout, Zappos service was stellar! Jeannie, Seattle

  12. Meredith Says:

    You need these shoes – I absolutely love my Dansko shoes! I have bought them before and keep coming back to get different colors. I am on my feet for most of the day, and my feet never hurt in these shoes. They are even better than tennis shoes. They are adorable as well. I also got my mother to try them since she has a problem with her heel, and since she has started wearing them her heel has hurt less often. These shoes are definitely worth the money, and a must have. Any scratches buff right out because of the oiled surface, so they last forever!

  13. Sue Says:

    Good Choice – A friend recommended these and I am very pleased. I received them just before the holidays and have used them as slippers, when doing housework, shopping ’til I dropped, and have worn them to work on casual day. No complaints so far!

  14. Massachusetts Says:

    Great shoe – I never understood what all the hype was surrounding Dansko clogs. I always have shin and knee pain when walking around for a long period of time. I decided to give these a try after a particularly long day on my feet, after which I was in a lot of pain. Since I’ve worn my clogs, I haven’t had that experience again. The arch support is great.

  15. Westford, MA Says:

    Good for short walks – These shoes are comfortable walking about the house and standing long periods (cooking), but not recommended for mall shopping. They move (as they should) and then rub on prominent points of the foot. Moleskin helped some. Need to test and wear the right thickness of sock for comfort.

  16. Debbie Says:

    The Best Walking & Comfort Shoe Ever! I have been wearing my Danskos for many years – I have over 10 pairs in various colors and styles! I wear them with black or similar colored tights for a “dressier” look when pairing them with skirt and dresses – which helps to pull the look together. Otherwise I wear them with socks. I normally wear a size 10 medium, and needed to take a size 42 for the most comfortable fit. They wear like iron, but do stretch out a bit after wearing them for a while. They hold up to the weather, are fantastic for all types of work, and make a statement about your individuality! I enjoy them and always look for new styles, but the clogs are my favorite!

  17. Sandy Says:

    Dansko stapled clogs are the best! These shoes are the ultimate in comfort and support. They are my slippers as well as my shoes. They have great arch support and are very supportive for those who stand or are up all day. I never feel like I “can’t wait” to take them off. The only time I don’t recommend wearing them is on uneven terrain or on grass etc- it is easy to lose balance.

  18. TS Says:

    The Best Shoe for Bad Feet – This is my second pair of Dansko Professionals. I love the look and they are very comfortable. Zappos had my shoes to me within 2 days and they were perfect! I called customer service about how to care for them, and though they weren’t able to answer my question, they went above and beyond to help. I will definitely be buying more products from Zappos!

  19. Suzy Says:

    This is the second pair of Professional Oiled I own. I wear these all day and usually don’t realize I have shoes on! I can’t fit my orthotics in these shoes, but I have no need to wear my orthotics with these shoes. Each shoe is totally unique and it may take trying on a few pairs to get the right fit and comfort. I’ll be back for more! Quick shipping too!!!

  20. Toby Says:

    Different but awesome – These are really an unusual fit. You have to go bigger to get the proper fit. I tried my true size and had sore heels. I went up a size and love them. They are a bit rigid in that they really support your foot and hold shape. I think everything has been said about them in past reviews, read a few and if it sounds like the shoe for you then you will love them. If it isn’t your style, don’t bother with them until you are ready. You will love them when you give them a chance.

  21. Dayna Says:

    Love the clog, but the sizing for me was bad. I wear a 9 and i ordered a 9.5-10 and i can barely squeeze my feet in them and was told by a show professional that not much can be done my stretching the instep. The length is perfect, but with my high arches, it is hell to squeeze in them. Once I am in them, they are comfortable.

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